Guardian Angels Sweden’s mission is to create and provide the retail market in various fields with an exciting and imaginative Scandinavian ‘Fairy Concept’ for children.
All designs are inspired by tales of the three angels. We want to give children and their parens the opportunity to step into a world of imagination, joy and excitement. The products are  happy, colourfull and filled with details and Nordic mysticism where characters and patterns create a clear “clash” between the sweet and naughty or little dangerous.
The characters in the story will inspire children and young people to dare to be themselves and give them opportunity to create their own style.


Mirma likes to be where things are happening. She is always looking for adventure and loves everything to do with speed and excitement. Mirma is also kind and fair and are always there if someone needs her help.

Morr is Mirmas dragon. He often feel small and slow. Morr’s greatest desire is to learn how to breathe fire. He belongs namely to the rare firebreathing dragonkind Eldrins .


Svala is more quiet with a calm personality. She likes soft colors, challenging problems. Follow her up in the cloud and she will teach you to bake dragon- pastries together with her friend Pi the bird.

Nordan is Svalas big horselike dragon. He proudly carry Svala on his back when they are out flying but would love to have a dragon pastrie as a reward.


Spralla loves life and has a bubbly personality. She likes flowers, jewelry, and beautiful fabrics. She and Glimma knows many secret places where they harvest sweets and berries for themselves and their friends.

Glimma is Sprallas dragon. She looks cuddly with a girly charm, but do not be fooled by her cute look. She is cunning , smart, and faster than any other dragons.

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